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Heart for Kaka’ako


This project focuses on reaching the homeless children and youth living in the Kaka'ako area, there are over 100 families that live in this area.


We had received reports from the Teachers and Police Department that many of the homeless youth were getting arrested for truancy, many were failing in school, many were not going to school at all... these youth are right in our back yard, very close to where we are at.














One day while we were in the park, our founder, Warren Lilo, saw a lot of these youth just hanging out, they had a very lost and blank look on their faces, and he felt that we needed to do something. We began the project with a Movie Night for the Children and Youth, we found out that there were about 65 youth in the area so we got donations to provide backpacks and school supplies, we also got donations to be able to provide the youth and families with dinner and prizes. It was an awesome turn out and the families were very blessed.























We continued the project during the remainder of the 2014-2015 school year by setting up tents, table, and chairs to provide the students a place to do homework and get tutoring support.












We strongly feel that through education we can make a positive impact with the issue of homelessness by encouraging the parents and families to give their youth a chance to succeed by getting a good education. We have already seen progress with the youth that participate. During the school year the schedule is: Monday, Wednesday, and Saturdays. On Saturdays we also provide positive activities like games and sports for the youth and also do Monthly park clean-ups to teach them ownership and to care for their areas. We also have been working closely with the police department.



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