Empowering the youth of Hawaii. Turning lives around.

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    Warren Lilo

    Executive Director


    Pelenato To'omata



    ROY Carroll

    Vice President


    Tami Holschuh



    Spencer Anderson

    Board Member


    Lynn Bush

    Board Member

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    Honolulu Police Dept.

    KUPU Hawaii


    Weed and Seed

    Chinatown Business


    Word of Life

    And many other

           community groups

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Our Vision

We believe that every young person, no matter what challenges they face, is valuable full of potential and deserves opportunities and support!

Our Mission

Mentoring youth through creativity. At Life 360 no one should ever feel alone.

Our Story

Life 360 Network, Inc. was birthed from 15 prior years of experience with a group of youth and young adults known as the "Blessing Crew." Many were living their lives without purpose. However through positive mentorship, the Blessing Crew learned about responsibility, accepting people for who they are, and serving others. Having made positive changes in their own lives, they now live to fulfill a greater purpose in changing the lives of others. Many of them currently volunteer as Life Coaches in Life 360 Network, Inc.

what is life 360 network?

Life 360 Network, Inc. is a non-profit corporation organized and operated for educational and charitable purposes.


This organization has been formed to:

-Educate youth and young adults to benefit themselves and their community

-Provide opportunities and experiences to develop their capability and potential



Life 360 is a Youth Outreach Program

Our program involves positive adult interaction with youth and young adults to provide mentoring services and build stronger relationships with positive influences. Life 360 currently has partners in the academic/research field that are developing training and certification for mentors, known as "Life Coaches."


Life 360 Provides a Safe Haven for

Youth & Young Adults

This area of our program focuses on middle and high school age youth as well as young adults providing positive and structured alternatives to issues such as: truancy and drop outs, alcohol abuse, and gang and drug activity. A safe haven can be created at various parks, school campuses, church facilities, or community centers.


Life 360 Promotes Individual Progress Through the Following Activities:

Academic Tutoring

Life Skills Development

College & Career Planning

Expressions (Performing Arts)

Cultural Acceptance, Promotion & Exploration

Physical Fitness

Family Connections

Community Service

Life Groups (Team Building)

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Life 360 Network, Inc.

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